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             Highlighted by Jon Atherton: Decoding the cell signals between young proteins and their ‘chaperones’





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          - Highlighted in Journal of Cell Biology Spotlight: A TRCky TA protein delivery     

            service snubs the UPS by McQuown AJ, Reif D, Denic V.

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                  Highlighted in Yale Scientific Magazine: Shutting Down the IRE1α Complex

                   by Ryan Bose-Roy April 27, 2021

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                       The top 50 most viewed papers in JBC in September and October of 2020.

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Before coming to Yale

14.  Sherrill J, Mariappan M, Dominik P, Hegde RS, Keenan RJ. A conserved archaeal pathway for tail-anchored membrane

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           - High lighted in Current Biology: BAGing Up the Trash

           - Nominated to F1000

11.  Mariappan M, Li X, Stefanovic S, Sharma A, Mateja A, Keenan RJ, Hegde RS. A ribosome-associating factor chaperones

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             - Nominated to F1000

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          - High lighted in Nature StructuralBiology: Get3 into the groove

          - Nominated to F1000

8.  Mariappan M, Gande SL, Radhakrishnan K, Schmidt B, Dierks T, von Figura K. The non-catalytic N-terminal extension 

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1.   Dierks T, Schmidt B, Borissenko LV, Peng J, Preusser A, Mariappan M, von Figura K. Multiple sulfatase deficiency is

      caused by mutations in the gene encoding the human C(alpha)-formylglycine generating enzyme. Cell. 2003 May



                 - Preview by Jacques U Baenziger: A major step on the road to understanding a unique

                    posttranslational modification and its role in a genetic disease Cell. 2003, 16;113 (4):421-2.

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